Pin Spotting is a lighting technique used by Upscale Sound that provides a dramatic effect to a room, while drawing attention to a specific feature. A spotlight is used to produce a narrow beam of light, which is then used to illuminate a specific area of interest, such as floral centerpieces or a wedding cake. Additionally, it provides a huge value in enhancing your photographers pictures. Venues often dim or turn off their lights for dancing and because of this, the centerpieces practically disappear.

Therefore, we recommend pin spots to clients who are spending a good amount of their budget on flowers or centerpiece designs. Pin Spotting is a simple way to highlight the details and decor at your wedding with an aesthetically pleasing pay off.


Our dance floors provide a visually pleasing platform for bands, live acts and dance performances (just to name a few). They also serve well in complementing sweetheart tables by serving as an LED illuminated platform riser. Because they are portable, this allows us to work in almost any size and configuration to help create the look and feel of your event.

Each 2×2 acrylic stage is 100% water resistant and can withstand upwards of up to 500 lbs per block. They also lock together to secure gaps created by aggressive footwork, and can be illuminated with the color of your choice. With so much potential, the uses or our dance floors are limited only by your imagination. Let’s start building!


Lighting design has become very popular within the wedding and entertainment industry. It is a very unique way of enhancing any room, large or small and for those determined to create an ambience of vibrant colors. Would you like purple? Apple green? Rose pink? Teal? You name it! We can customize to your preferred color scheme. Our lighting designs create a deep and dramatic effect that gently wash the indoor walls for a perfect backdrop, captivating photographs and for an immediate set of mood. Add lighting design to your package for a smooth and elegant atmosphere that will WOW your guests.


Now what’s a party without some BOOM? At AIP we are all about delivering the best sound setup for your event. Whether it be outdoors, indoors, concert style or mobile, we optimize the venues size and square footage to put together a flawless setup for your special day.


Really want to go over the top? Add our world renowned percussionist, Crystal Vargas. In conjunction with our DJ, the Vinyl Percussion Show will take the energy at your venue to the next level!

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